Privacy Policy- photolibrary


Privacy Policy

Photolibrary recognizes that personal information protection is our societal responsibility. The view of this privacy policy is as to be defined below.
We handle in good faith all personal information about the customer in accordance with this provision.

1. Definition of Personal Information

In this privacy policy, personal information means something that can identify the individual such as name, date of birth, other description and personal number.

2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection

We define the purpose for collection of personal information and collect personal information to the extent necessary to achieve this purpose.
We also collect the personal information in the lawful and fair way.
We may collect the personal information of customers in the registration, in the onlinequestionnaire to various services, in contests, and sweepstakes and in other events. Its purpose is to deliver the information that has been segmented into customers. After understanding this purpose, please provide your personal information. Providing us with personal information is entirely optional.
・We receive personal information directly from our customers. We receive the personal information directly from customer. We also may receive the personal information from the other company if customer offers the consent for the provision of personal information.

3. Use of IP Address and Cookies

We may use cookies to save the trouble of password input and to send the content that has been customized to suit the user's interest. Cookies are stored on a user’s computer. We can provide this service by using cookies.
We may also use cookies to prevent of unauthorized use and to collect for marketing data.
User information collected by cookies is used only to the extent necessary to provide this service. We never use cookies for other purpose.

4. Use of Personal Information

We only use personal information within the limits of previously presented purpose.
・We may use personal information for the purpose of market research. In this case, we never publish the information that identifies individual users.
・We may analyze the usage of customers for quality improvement for the content and services to offer.
・We may guide the new services and the other service that are judged to be beneficial to customers by using the collected personal information.
・We will contact to the customer by using customer’s mail address, address, phone number and Fax number when need to contact the customer.
・We will not provide the personal information to the third party without the customer’s consent. When we provide to third parties with the consent of our customers, we will inform explicitly in the information acquisition page. However, we may also provide personal information to the third party by using the form of statistical data that are unable to identify the customer individual.
If it is required to be disclosed by law, we may provide personal information within the scope of the request.
・We may provide the personal information of customers in case where is required by law.

5. Management of Personal Information

We cannot guarantee that exchange of information over the Internet is 100% safe. However, we will pursue at a high level as much as possible the security system in order to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, modification destruction, leakage and loss.